CSS3 effect to make walking man

CSS3 has different ways and is great way to create animations, It gives us opportunity to replace heavy flash animation with light CSS3, Also create magical animation and effects, I see everyday some of them and today I faced this very simple and decent tutorial to make walking man using CSS3 effect, hope you would like that. you can reach that here



What is Firebug

If Firefox is your internet browser and you are working with it, you had to heard Firebug, Firebug is a web development tool and add-ons for Firefox that aids the debugging, editing, and monitoring of website’s resources such as CSS, HTML, DOM, XHR, and JavaScript live in any web page, Also you can monitor network activity, execute JavaScript on the fly, logging for JavaScript and Firebug allows to view and manage cookies in your browser.
You can download Firebug here


What is favico.js

Today I am going to introduce a tool called favico.js, As name hits It’s a javascript(JS) library that helps you animate your website favicon, The changes can be made in the background color, text and choose from slide, fade, or you can customize type of animation, background color and text color, The main part of this tool is that with the help of this tool you can create an icon no matter wherever you are from the images, videos, or a webcam stream without any problem, I wish you enjoy favicon.js