What is Typography in Web Design Plus 10 Examples

What is Typography in Web Design

Web Design is a science, How do you work with tools, colors, fonts, images to make a great full place for users that they are enjoying your website when they are browsing there, somewhere you need to motivate users and transfer them motivational feeling, somewhere you need make happy feeling and all of things that  you have in your hand are  tools, colors, fonts, images, text and maybe background musics, one of them great tool in your hand is FONT, Actually which kind of font do you have to use for your users, This is fairly one the old science and called that Typography is the art and technique of arranging type in order to make language visible. The arrangement of type involves the selection of typefaces, point size, line length, leading …

Nowadays Typography comes to modern life even digital life, it comes to web design and all the web designers consider that as one the major point in website designing, everyday designers write articles  about, “how to use best font for web” or “what is the best font for web”.
Actually it’s different of what kind website or text are you writing, you need user follow your text for a long time or you need transfer motivation to user or …

I am listing some very user full sample about Typography here, wish you enjoy that


Al Taglio




Fillet Digital Agency




I Shot Him











Peanut Gallery



ID Neon




Loop Digital Agency



Dassel Und Wagner



Black In History


How to find more similar sites ?

How to find more similar sites

Sometimes I like to know more similar sites just like one site I am using, for example I want to know how many sites are like facebook and what they are or how many sites are like google and what they are, because I would like to compare between them when I am going to use them, I think other people like to do that ( It’s a habit ), compare different company or brand and choose between them. Its usually best way you can have good one and best one  in your hand.

Here is a list of best website similarity search engines lead you to have more of a site.


Moreofit is one of the best website similarity search engine. Give moreofit a website you’re interested in, and it will suggest to you alternative .

similar website


SimilarSites is another web application that allows you to find sites with similar type of content. All you need to do is enter the website’s address .

similar website


Here is another website leads you to get more similar website, it also shows you latest website and more popular website .

similar website


Websiteslike has by far the largest index of alternative websites publicly available. It has by far the freshest data of its kind with an index that updates several times a day. Enjoy that .

similar webiste





Just another website you can find what you like, this website divides every website to different tags, then you can search more website based of tags, for example when you search for google, it shows you these kind of  tags : Search / Google / Searchengine / Engine / Web / Reference / Internet .

similar webiste


Secret CSS Animation Tools For Web Developers

I introduced you some useful tools for website developers to put in your toolbox in my last post, now I wanna go ahead and be specific in very special part of web site developing and introduce you some CSS animation tools for website developers, As I told you every professional developer needs a toolbox like a bookmark and put tools there.
some times you see some project that are incredible beautiful and you just think how far should somebody goes to create kind of this amazing project, the key is just they have  some tools that you don’t know about that, then be professional and have your toolbox.
You can go ahead and put this tools in your toolbox,  just bookmark this page (Ctrl + D).
CSS is a style sheet language which is absolutely incredible. CSS  lets you to generate some attractive and amazing things in your website.

Secret CSS Animation Tools For Web Developers


Anima is easy way to animate numerous objects concurrently, and wonderful point of this amazing tool is, the size is just 5 Kb and you don’t need to be worry about weight and use it in every project. I notice you that weight is a key point in website developing if you design a lot but heavy It dons’t worth.






Animate.css is one of the remarkable tools to gathering CSS animations, All these animations are cross-browser compatible.



Magic CSS3 Animations

As the name proposes, This is a magical CSS3 tool truly which offers a user-friendly set of CSS3 animations.




Ceaser is another secret tool you can have in your hand, It permits CSS assistance animations which are stress-free to make use of,  just three steps :

  1. Choose an easing type and test it out with a few effects.
  2. If you don’t quite like the easing, grab a handle and fix it.
  3. When you’re happy, snag your code and off you go.



CSS3 Animation Cheat Sheet

Don’t forget this one, The CSS3 Animation Cheat Sheet is a set of pre-defined, plug-and-play animations for your web projects, It comes with a set of some truly astonishing handy CSS3 animations.



Great web design tools designer should have

In every job If you want to be professional you have to have some tools and working with them as well, In my case I have some tools in my toolbox I refer to them daily when I am developing a software, designing  a website or writing an article for you guys.
today I introduce you some of the best known website design tools, It’s worthy to have a look on them, I bet you will add them in your toolbox.

Flickr – Creative Commons

browse through millions of pictures trailed underneath the diverse kinds of creative commons authorizations.





The best place you can have your back-ups and effortlessly synchronize among different computer and device,beside with the chance to access your important files online from anyplace.




Dafont includes more than 10,000  fonts which are available, Laso has great links to font-associated tools you may need.





You know how much colors and color’s palettes are important in website designing and you might use others palette and get motivate from them, Colourlovers is right place you van see others color and share your color.


CSS3 effect to make walking man

CSS3 has different ways and is great way to create animations, It gives us opportunity to replace heavy flash animation with light CSS3, Also create magical animation and effects, I see everyday some of them and today I faced this very simple and decent tutorial to make walking man using CSS3 effect, hope you would like that. you can reach that here



How to use SEO friendly title for webpage ?

If you are a site developer or blog writer and you know how important is SEO, It helps you to get rank in search engine and be more visible then at then end you have more user and more traffic.
one of the important point for webpage and inner content is title, Actually title describes what you have in webpage and what you want to show.
If you know Google has a limit of 70 characters which it displays in its search results, It means if you have title more than 70 characters Google just picks up first 70 characters and removes others. Then we should.
Keywords are most important words should be use in title, recommended style for SEO friendly title is :

Brand Name (A seprator like | or -) Primary Keyword and secondary keyword

Some points you keep in mind while write a title are :

  1. Easy to understand
  2. Length, It shouldn’t be more that 70 characters
  3. Use keywords in title and not more than 2 -3 times
  4. Be positive enough


one useful trick :
My research showed me if you want to best title . select your keywords in title from popular keywords from search engine reports, for example if you go to Google trends, (www.google.com/trends/) you have most most popular keywords users are searching and they like them.


If you click on Explore you can limit report based of time and categories,


My understanding is this is one of the best way to find a title and keywords to out in title, because in this way you can find exactly what users are looking for.

What is NoSql database?

What is NoSql Database?

In these days every computer developer and programmer needs to know about a new implementation of database that called NoSql, Interactive applications have changed dramatically over years and nowadays Big Data, Big Users, and Cloud Computing are driving the adoption of NoSQL technology, There are some big companies that works with NoSql and they solve their problems using NoSql, This implementation includes simplicity of design and horizontal scaling and finer control over availability. They are usually good in use big data and real-time web applications.
Like other technologies and software, NoSql meets some advantages and challenges, I can refer to:

  1. Elastic scaling
  2. Big data
  3. Economics
  4. Flexible data models


  1. Maturity
  2. Support
  3. Analytics and business intelligence
  4. Administration
  5. Expertise

If you are really cruise about them, I listed some of them in these categories:

Document Store

Key Value / Tuple Store

Graph Databases

Multimodel Databases

Object Databases

Grid & Cloud Database Solutions

XML Databases

Multidimensional Databases



NoSQL databases are becoming an important part of the database, We can ignore them and when they used appropriately, can offer real benefits.

What is Trackback and How to use Pingbacks for wordpress

What is Trackback

One of the important point in weblog and blogging is to have references and referring some part of content to others blog or website this is what every blogger faced with every day, for example when I want to write a post about Google chrome, I refer to Google chrome website for more information or download that, in web programming it called Link.
When I have a link about Google chrome in my website, Google chrome website has a Backlink of my website, this is exactly against of link.
The most notable example of Backlink between blogger is Trackback, A trackback is one of the Linkback methods for website authors to request notification when somebody links to one of their documents and his enables authors to keep track of who is linking to.
Some weblog software, such as WordPress, Drupal supports automatic Pingbacks, This is a very good way to have new connection between bloggers, The only different between pingbacks and trackbacks use drastically different communication technologies (XML-RPC and HTTP POST, respectively).

How to use Pingbacks for WordPress

WordPress as a lovely software for blogging supports pingbacks, As you can read in Worpress support page,

  • Person A posts something on his blog.
  • Person B posts on her own blog, linking to Person A’s post. This automatically sends a pingback to Person A when both have pingback enabled blogs.
  • Person A’s blog receives the pingback, then automatically goes to Person B’s post to confirm that the pingback did, in fact, originate there.

If you want disable pingbacks just go to left side menu and click Settings -> Discussion,


How to find icons?

Sometimes you need to have some very beautiful and cool icons to put in your software or web application, The thing I have here to help you out is what I use, you just go there and looking for icons.


How to identify font from image?

I have problem sometimes when I need to find out what kind of font is used in an image, There are couple of tools you can use to find out that but here I have a good one, you would like that and put it in toolbox to use, Instruction is so easy just upload a pic and see what happen.